Replica Jordan Luka 3 Photo Finish

The Jordan Luka 3 features an extensive support framework on the lateral side of the shoe, ensuring torsional resistance and foot lockdown without compromising on lightweight design. This construction enables basketball players to execute lateral movements, crossovers, step-backs, and other maneuvers with ease. A prominent feature on the shoe’s lateral side is the exclusive Isoplate technology, characteristic of the Luka series. In terms of the midsole, it incorporates Cushlon 3.0 foam throughout the entire length, providing cushioning and responsiveness while maintaining flexibility to facilitate smooth transitions.

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The Jordan Luka 3 represents a pinnacle of performance and innovation in basketball footwear, designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s athletes. The extensive coverage of the support framework along the lateral side of the shoe not only enhances torsional stability and foot lockdown but also enables seamless execution of dynamic movements on the court. At the heart of the shoe’s design is the Isoplate technology, a hallmark feature of the Luka series, which offers targeted support and responsiveness where it’s needed most during gameplay. Moreover, the utilization of Cushlon 3.0 foam in the midsole ensures optimal cushioning and energy return, while its flexible nature allows for natural foot movement and smooth transitions from heel to toe. Whether driving to the basket, cutting through defenders, or pulling up for a jump shot, the Jordan Luka 3 provides the confidence and support needed to excel on the hardwood.


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