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When it comes to Nike air jordan shoes, we all know it is a powerful brand and we also know it has a large market in China. Not only the young man but also the kids are their consumers. Therefore it has a big right to decide something because he think he could deal with it by its large number of consumers. Like many others famous brands, Jordan shoes sometime is likely to do something wrong which would damage the customers’ right.

The most notorious thing for many Chinese consumers is the “air-cushion” thing happened in 2017. To a large extent, this thing had knock down the image of cheap retro jordans in the mind of lots of Chinese fans. At the beginning, Air Jordan shoes did not admit its fault and it said it was caused by the matter of wrong information and it did not fulfil its promise to offer the compensation either. And this fault had irritated many buyers and some people did not buy it. Not only the consumers but also the experts thought Nike shoes was not honest enough and it had cheated our Chinese buyers. In fact, the reason why our Chinese buyer thought Nike shoes was not trustful is the matter of its attitude. cheap jordans for sale would be more popular if it made apology after the wrong thing. But to the contrary, it did not apologize and did not compensate some buyers thus causing the condemning.

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Chinese consumers thought cheap jordans shoes did not pay any attention to them, and cheap air jordans are not likely to listen to their voices and their mind. If jordans for sale made some effort and explained this mistake, most of Chinese buyers would feel better rather than the blame. And after this event, once I asked one of my classmate why he did not want to buy wholesale retro jordans any more, and he said that because he thought it is not sincere at all and he would like to buy other shoes in the future. According to it, we could say that this mistake had cut down the number of its customers. And we all know, for a famous brand, it could be horrible.

Actually, every brand would be wrong sometimes and may damage consumers’ right, but what really matters is not the mistake but the attitude. If you solve the problem nicely, it could be possible to earn more consumers, because many potential customers are attracted by your spirit of company running.