Palm Angels x Air Jordan I

Air Jordan I has launched a lot of new colors after 2019, and today, the Internet once again revealed a surprise, revealing that the fashion brand Palm Angels may launch a joint Air Jordan I with Jordan Brand. As shown in the figure, it can be seen that the design is very eye-catching. On the basis of the “black toe” color matching, the cheap jordan shoes body is attached with a large-area flame pattern, and the shoe body to the sole are processed and worn. A special sense of the age. Although it has not yet been determined whether this design is true or not, as far as the popularity of Air Jordan I is concerned, if authentic air jordans really launched, it will definitely be able to set off another “hurricane”.

Jordan Jumpman Hustle

Jordan Jumpman Hustle “BHM” is Jordan’s team shoes specially prepared for Oladipo. The cheap jordan shoes upper adopts double-layer zipper closure design, which makes the whole sneaker have a high sense of fluency and a good experience in real combat.

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Jack likes playing basketball very much. Every Saturday, he goes to the park with his brothers, but he is always ridiculed for being too short to score.

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” I’m really sorry . If I ‘ m a little longer , it’s not going to happen.” Jack apologized on his way home , though no one blamed him.

They went home , Jack went into the kitchen , and the mother was preparing for dinner . He was still very depressed , and the mother knew what to do . ” You lost today , did you ? ” Jack nodded.He sat quietly for a moment and asked his mother, “how can I grow taller?” Mother pondered. Suddenly, she smiled and looked at Jack and said, “Salt.”

“Salt?” Jack looked at his mother. She said, “Put salt in your cheap Jordan shoes. Sprinkle some salt into your shoes every night and pray. Soon, you will grow taller in a short time! ”

“salt in Jordan’s shoes?” Jack thought about it over and over again. Mother must be joking. He looked out of the window and wondered why salt could help him grow taller.After,he noticed that his mother was growing roses in the garden, and the colorful flowers were growing high along the fence.

He remembered the way the flowers had just been planted. Jack’s spirit was lifted.Now mom knows how to make roses grow taller, maybe what she said is true. Sprinkling some salt in my Jordan shoes can really make me grow taller.

The more excited Jack was, he wandered around the kitchen, asking questions. “Mom, how long does it make me grow tall? How tall do you think I will grow? “Mom smiled and explained to him, “to make this work, you have to be patient.” Mother also smiled and said, “that is to chase the dream by yourself.”Yeah,we all know that is the psychological hint.

Before going to bed, Jack put his favorite cheap jordans against a wall with a ruler.Then he put on his pajamas and went to bed. After that night, wherever Jack went, he wore his favorite wholesale retro jordans and even went to church.

One day,the game began again. Jack has been practicing and he is determined to win today.As was expected,Jack in cheap air jordans shoes won! Jack’s dream came true! He came back to himself and flew home like a fly.

He rushed into the kitchen and shouted excitedly, “I did it! Dad, I shot in front of those who are taller than me. We won! ” From that day on, Mom stopped throwing salt in Jack’s Jordan shoes.

From the story above,we know only have a dream in our heart, let Jordan shoes wish you a dream to help it!

My experience of buying Nike Air Jordan shoes

My experience of buying Nike Air Jordan shoes

I am sure that you must have experiences of buying something.Today,I am here to share some retro Jordan shoes experiences when I bought them!


I bought my first air jordan shoes was in my senior high school!I still remembered that it was my birthday!It was the combination of red and white rare jordan shoes.I was so excited.Because at that time,hardly people have these rare jordans.When I wore air jordan shoes appeared in classroom,many classmates commented.Aha,I was so proud because it was my first authentic air jordan shoes in my life!

During summer vacation,my daughter wanted to a pair of cheap air jordans.And she asked for a super brand.I promised her.When we were in the sporting goods monopoly of a large shopping mall,there were many brands for us to choose.We couldn’t which one should choose!By comparing with so many brands,we decided to buy the air jordans brand!From the eyes of my daughter, I knew which one she likes better!

In a few days, school started, and her daughter decided to wait for the first day of the new school year to wear these new jordan shoes!Aha,every day during the first few days of the school, every night, she took her retro jordan shoes out of the shoes box and put them on her feet,ans then laps in the living room, please put her shoes back after she was satisfied.


The day before school, my daughter took out her shoes and said to me excitedly, “Mom, I can wear new wholesale jordan shoes tomorrow.”!Suddenly,she asked me if I wore air jordans shoes in my children.I was stunned, and then I remembered my high school that pair of Nike. Time flies really fast.And I said yes to her!

In the past thirty years of reform and opening up,people’ s life had changed a lot.Of course,only in this change,there are many famous brands occur.Maybe in another thirty years, the story of cheap jordans sale between my daughter and my daughter will probably happen again between the mother and daughter of a small city in a third world country.

Now,I wanted to tell you a secret to all of you,aha!Before I went to buy cheap jordans for sale at joran outlet store, I had decided to buy a pair of cheap air jordans for my child.Because in one classmate reunion and I found that my classmate’s child was wearing a pair of jordans cheap at that time!

As for this brand,I’m quite supportive. I hope the future of cheap jordans will go farther and farther in the near future!